Pampered Pups Critter Crackers DV Sweets Bandon, Oregon Home For Sale

Tucked away in a secluded garden spot on the beautiful southern Oregon coast, a certain crazy couple consisting of a true Country Mouse (Cheri) and a real rural rat( George) raise a plethora of pretty puppies . With 10 acres of their very own to play around on, our doggie daddies and mommies (and lots of babies) are raised with love and care as members of our family to be healthy and happy and ready > for their new "forever homes" with your family.

We specialize in raising small sized "designer dogs" based on combining the best qualities of Poms, Shih Tzus, Japanese Chins, Chihuahuas, and Havanese to create lovely and loving dogs of the best appearance health and  temperament--- and an affordable price for average folks and their financial resources.

We also breed Shiba Inus and " mini huskies" type dogs with the look and attitude of standard size sled type dogs but in a more compact size for today's' smaller homes and spaces.

Please take a tour of our website: look at and read about our puppy parents and their babies and if you are interested in bringing one (or more) of them into your home and family please contact us by phone or email.

                                                                      Pampered Pet Policies

1. We love our babies and all our activities are totally based on their wellbeing

2. To make sure your puppy is fully developed, healthy and socialized we will NOT  release him or her until a minimum of 8 weeks from birth---NO EXCEPTIONS

3. Puppies that appear to us to be smaller than normal for their age and or  breed may be retained for a for a longer period of time until they have fully developed.  If this condition does happen we will keep you fully notified by email/phone and you can elect to terminate the purchase agreement if you do not wish to wait the necessary time.

4. The same extra time requirement may apply to certain puppies that may suffer hypo-glycemic seizures when young. When we (and if necessary a vet) determines that the puppy is free of this concern we will then transfer the baby to your possession.

5. You are welcome to come and visit our home and see our puppies and how they live, by PRE-ARRANGEMENT  through phone or email.  Our dogs are "free range" and have the run of our home and property. They have absolutely no fear of vehicles and can easily be run over by unannounced visitors---so for their safety and our sanity please call and confirm with us at least one hour before you actually come out. NO EXCEPTIONS ON THIS POLICY.

6. All sales are by signed legal contract please read it and the associated puppy health care information contained therein .  It is designed to provide a legally enforceable protection for both you and us and most importantly  for your new puppy baby. All deposits on puppies are non-refundable unless we stop the sale no exception even if contract is not signed and deposit is sent by paypal.

7. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SALE OF SERVICE TO ANYONE.  If we believe that the potential living conditions of the new home are not conductive to the health, safety, and happiness of the puppy. Should this happen we will promptly refund and and all money already paid by the buyer by way of deposit and the contract will be considered null and void.

8. Feel free to ask us questions both before and after you receive your puppy by phone and email or in person---- we want to help you to be the proud owners of a healthy and happy puppy and a satisfied customer of CMRRC